45 minutes | Nov 14, 2019

The Buyer Journey

Focus Discussion of the Week:


The Buyer Journey, from website research to move-in day, has certainly evolved over time. It’s no longer a long, gradual process — now, it’s all about getting in front of buyers through multiple channels. On this episode of Building Perspective, Matt and Mollie continue “The Buyer Journey” to discuss the ever-evolving marketing funnel and what it looks like in today’s digital age.


Top Topics of The Week

  • In today’s online shopping world, are 6% commission rates for Realtors outdated? Some think so, considering the recent class-action lawsuits against the National Association of Realtors for price-fixing. Some arguments point to a monopoly. What do you think? https://cnn.it/2XlN5Mg 


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Two thought leaders come together to explore all things sales and marketing from their unique perspectives. Each week, Mollie Elkman, Matt Riley, and others from Group Two dive into a focus discussion to talk about the latest trends, changes, and best practices.

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