64 minutes | Apr 2, 2020

Successful CRM Implementation With Abbie Mirata

Focus Discussion of the Week:


A CRM allows you to follow up with prospects, create content, send eblasts, and even write contracts — but implementing one can be a challenge. That’s where Abbie Mirata of ApostleTech comes in. In today’s episode, Abbie joins us to discuss and explain the steps it takes to (seamlessly) introduce a CRM into your organization. 


Top Topics of The Week:



  • Matt shared a market update regarding web traffic on the Building Perspective Facebook group. Make sure to request access to see the latest in market trends and join the discussion with your fellow builders. 


  • Builders are selling homes remotely! Promote your virtual appointments on your digital channels. 


  • Facebook is adding a new video feature to make it easier to bulk-upload a video series you may have in your content collection! 


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