66 minutes | Mar 19, 2020

Relationships Over Transactions With Steve Pacinelli

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth significantly more. Skip the automated text and email, and get face to face with your prospects and clients via video! Steve Pacinelli from BombBomb joins Matt and Mollie on Building Perspective to discuss “Relationships Over Transactions” and how video can make your sales process a little more human.


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With everything that’s going on right now, your marketing can feel a bit tone deaf, which could leave a bad taste in your prospects’ mouths… listen to today’s episode for insights into creating certainty in uncertain times.


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Two thought leaders come together to explore all things sales and marketing from their unique perspectives. Each week, Mollie Elkman, Matt Riley, and others from Group Two dive into a focus discussion to talk about the latest trends, changes, and best practices.

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