56 minutes | Dec 12, 2019

Artificial Intelligence and Homebuilding With Bassam Salem

Focus Discussion of the Week:


AI (artificial intelligence) might seem futuristic, but it’s already changing the way customers interact with businesses in the present. From pointing you to a restaurant according to your preferences to providing customer service in a chat, AI can significantly improve customer experiences. Bassam Salem from AtlasRTX joins Matt and Mollie to discuss how AI can assist your buyers through webchat.


Bassam is also speaking at The International Builders’ Show! Catch him on January 21 at A Metrics-Powered Customer Journey: Better Leads, Faster Sales & Seamless Experience.


Top Topics of The Week


  • Sacha Baron Cohen received the Leadership Award from the Anti-Defamation League. Watch his hilarious, yet enlightening, acceptance speech at (http://bit.ly/38s7unS)



  • Google just announced that you can now buy movie tickets through its AI-powered Google Assistant with just your voice. Convenient or unnecessary? Let us know in the Facebook group! (http://bit.ly/2E9znmJ)


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