22 minutes | Mar 16th 2020

#54: Your Wages AREN'T Your Profits!

If you aren’t separating your wages from your profits, you’re losing money and fooling yourself along the way. This was a conversation I began with Bryan Uhler, second generation builder at Pioneer Builders, Inc, a company his father started 42 years ago.We decided to record the conversation and share it as an episode. Many of you already know this, but it never hurts as a refresher. And for some of you it will be a much-needed splash of cold water.We are in these building trenches together, so listen, learn, and implement. Enjoy the episode!And last but not least, a special thanks to Treacy Duerfeldt of NWC Alliance and Doug Lynch, my insurance pros and today’s sponsors!Show Notes:Nah, this is a short episode. Next time!
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