30 minutes | Mar 6th 2020

#53: Brand Building, Connecting with Architects, and More with Byron Brooks

We are talking with fellow custom home builder, Byron Brooks, of Brookwright Developments on today’s episode. Byron does an excellent job creating a unique brand for his company, and he graciously shares that with us, along with his strategy for developing architect relationships.Byron and his company operate in Calgary, Canada where they build beautiful custom homes. In their own words:We are design conscious carpenters who are energized by the idea of helping homeowners and architects realize their vision. We’re individuals who have been drawn together by a quest to fashion tangible things with our hands and the desire to create quality results every day.This is one of those episodes where we get to learn from a fellow builder who is in the trenches, and who has invested heavily in developing his business.And last but not least, a special thanks to Treacy Duerfeldt of NWC Alliance and Doug Lynch, my insurance pros and today’s sponsors!Enjoy the episode!Byron’s Builders and Brews GroupBrookwright on InstagramShow Notes:2:39 - An overview of Brookwright.5:37 - What is Brookwright’s “why?”9:21 - Brookwright’s unique branding and value proposition.14:06 - Brookwright’s strategy of working through architects as the client.20:16 - Taking care of the architect relationship.21:42 - What is going on up in Canada?! Dedication to the building craft seems exceptionally high.24:33 - How to connect with Byron.25:14 - Byron’s Builder’s and Brews group.
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