58 minutes | Dec 19th 2018

Thad McIlroy

The Building Books podcast is excited to welcome Thad McIlroy, publishing expert, futurist, and author. With his extensive experience as an electronic publishing analyst, consultant, and author that explores technology and marketing issues surrounding electronic publishing, he brings an interesting and thought-provoking perspective to the publishing discussion.

Combining their wide range of experiences in the industry, Yeffeth and McIlroy walk through the complexly progressive world of publishing and technology, even making comparisons with the television and music industries and their progressions through time and technology.

Listen in for an eye-opening perspective on where the publishing industry has been in regard to technology and growth, where it is currently, and where McIlroy sees it headed in the future. From eBooks to self-publishing to the future of Barnes & Noble, it is all discussed here. This is one episode you can’t afford to miss!