52 minutes | Dec 5th 2018

Peter McCarthy

Peter McCarthy is widely known as one of the most knowledgeable people in the digital marketing space for books. He is currently the director of digital products at Ingram Content Group. Ingram later purchased the company that McCarthy co-founded, OptiQly, and now he’s rolled into it as part of Ingram.

McCarthy began his career as an editorial assistant and eventually wound up working several years with both Penguin and Random House during the early and peak years of digital transformation in publishing. He spent a few years in private consulting before he wound up where he is today with Ingram and OptiQly.

Listen in as Yeffeth and McCarthy take you through the pivotal years of digital transformation in the book publishing space, and how McCarthy’s research and growth helps others make audience-centric, data-driven decisions when it comes to publishing and promoting books.