17 minutes | Jul 14th 2020

S01E10: Culture: Having the Right People on the Plane

Culture: Having the Right People on the Plane

You may not know it, but your architecture firm s culture is inseparable from your brand. For Southwest Airlines, their purpose is baked into the culture and their culture is part of their purpose. They hire for attitude and cultural fit before experience and skill level. This level of freedom and empowerment is beyond what we see in most organizations. Do you lead your employees with rules and policies or do you empower them, free them, and back them up?

This week on Build Your Brand podcast, Culture: Having the Right People on the Plane.

Your future doesn’t have to be commoditized! Jeff Echols is on a mission to change the way you do business by helping you communicate Empathy (not ego) so clients and employees see Value (not commodity). 

Jeff is a Professional Speaker and the President and CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) of echoEngagement, a company that helps organizations develop the empathy and drive the relevance required to succeed in the modern marketplace. 

Connect with Jeff online at EchoEngage.com, or find him on Twitter @echoengage or @jeffechols, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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