18 minutes | Jun 30th 2020

S01E09: Purpose: A Higher Cause than Architecture

Purpose: A Higher Cause than Architecture

Did you know that there is a cause and effect between an organization s pursuit of purpose and its financial performance? There is a link between purpose-driven brands and profit. Do you have a higher purpose than architecture? How can you discover what your purpose is and how it differentiates you from your competition?  

This week on Build Your Brand podcast, Purpose: A Higher Cause than Architecture.

Your future doesn’t have to be commoditized! Jeff Echols is on a mission to change the way you do business by helping you communicate Empathy (not ego) so clients and employees see Value (not commodity). 

Jeff is a Professional Speaker and the President and CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) of echoEngagement, a company that helps organizations develop the empathy and drive the relevance required to succeed in the modern marketplace. 

Connect with Jeff online at EchoEngage.com, or find him on Twitter @echoengage or @jeffechols, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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