55 minutes | Jul 25th 2014

#17: Gergely Kovari (Csak a Jo Sor and craft beer)

For a long time, beer lovers in Hungary have been out of luck as they live in a country renowned for its wines and spirits. Craft beers were almost unheard of here a decade ago. Fortunately for us, for Gergely Kovari, beer has been a way of life. In his earlier years he collected bottles of exotic beers he drank while visiting foreign countries. Then later, after studying fermentology and getting a degree in beer brewing, Gergely set off to stake his claim as Hungary’s beer focal point. Csak a Jo Sor (“only good beer”) was originally just an online shop, but soon Gergely opened a brick and mortar shop as well. Its current location on Kertesz u. is practically an institution. On any given day, from the late afternoon onward you’ll see Hungarians and foreigners alike, young and old, pour into the shop for a few quiet ones before heading home or beginning their evenings. Gergely and I sat down on two occasions to discuss his early days as a novice beer brewer, through to his current status as Hungary’s beer king. Egészségére!   Links: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Csakaj%C3%B3s%C3%B6r/281827262035 Intro music: “BMX” by Xinobi https://www.facebook.com/xinobimusic
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