35 minutes | Jan 2, 2021

Welcome To New Beginnings With Lord Ganesh And Simply Blooming Team

Wow, what an amazing beginning to the beautiful new year! Happy creating and expanding your new adventures that are grounding, unfolding and truly manifesting through raising your sound frequency vibrational flow. In this podcast Lord Ganesh shares the true meaning of 'new beginnings' that can happen in any given nano second, he lovingly and playfully expands your horizons to openly express the wonderment of you flow within your 'presence'.  We share and encourage you to simply be yourself the amazing wonderful self empowered and ground YOU! In this the vibrations ripple out to bring forth those that you can resonate with, letting go of any angst, fear that is simply an illusion and pave your way into the quantum field that is so lovely infinite. We will be uploading a playlist on Spotify shortly for all to tap into and are always adding tracks to that playlist from our unique flow and suggestions other cosmically sound friends, yes that is you! :) Love in light Isis, Ganesh and the Simply blooming team. xoxo --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/simplyblooming/message
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