29 minutes | May 16, 2020

Ecology Of A Cosmic Nature

We have the great fortune to be present in an era within Gaia that it is openly accepted by many that nature is cosmically connected, without the limiting thought forms that human beings so often choose to consciously or unconsciously create. Nature communicates not only in words, but through the synergy of frequencies, sounds and most definitely vibrations.  This heightened attunement allows an open harmonic and symbiotic relationship to stream throughout the globe connecting every inhabitant within nature’s cycles seamlessly to each other. It is often said by some that nature is adaptable to its environment, however nature is creating its environment and it is up to humanity to choose to consciously attune to harmonic vibrations and create infrastructures that collaboratively connect effortlessly. Taking a step out of the ego self and become the observer, listener, stillness of presence itself opens the neural pathways to create impulses that ignite a global harmonic change. There is so much information around the globe about many different topics, sensing your resonance allows you to attune to what services you and the rest simply ceases to be part of your experience, however to be effective in this flow, is to trust yourself, clear attachments to creating fearful experiences and expressions and be in non fear and flow, flow, flow. Happy journeying and thank you for being the beautiful radiant YOU! xox Budai Hub --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/simplyblooming/message
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