37 minutes | Mar 10, 2020

Different Frequencies Transform Your Journey And Are Constantly Shifting Your Resonance In Flow

Life is truly interesting and the more you open up to recognising that you are energy in motion but also that different frequencies will create different resonances, experiences, co-creations that often come from, initially, what seems to be unknown, for example. You may have come to that place where you are happy to know ‘nothing’ again and then for a while or maybe instantly as each of you experiences energy in your uniqueness of flow there for you will find that no one persons experience is exactly.  This too nature has shared and demonstrated this awareness for eons and still is however nature is also transforming itself with new tapestries of infinite light ray vibrations and more so for those who are on that journey, pure samadhi moments, nano seconds will preside leaving you with a grand desire to keep expanding, as each experiential frequency that shares a wisdom in knowing expresses but only for particles of any given journey another team of tapestries through frequency shifts will become the embodied energy. This for many of you has become your joy, self expression and excitement, as you are happy to experience the thrill of ‘what comes next’ without necessary understanding every detail. But for those who want a formula or assistance via a ‘how to course, book or manual’ check out Dr. Joe Dispenza if you feel the resonance. For those like what we are who totally are in the flow and know that the path is made clear obstacle free in a flow of comfortably flowing in infinite frequency and forever changing frequency within our physical for that also constantly fine tunes as each different collaborate sets of frequency become the temporary embodied energy. Happy expansion. xox --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/simplyblooming/message
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