35 minutes | May 2, 2020

Creating With And As Nature Quantum Physics Ayurveda Flow

Imagine a life where you consciously recognised that you are the energy that nature also embodies that in harmony as and of nature you are the co-creators of an existence of that very symbiosis that nature openly shares. Connecting through the heart centre opens up your neural pathways into infinite sound vibrations. In this podcast we share briefly a project that bees ( and it is one of many) have instigated cross pollinating the midyam  berry with a blue berry, remembering that nature does not create for commercial productivity but for the pure joy, harmony, eco system in a symbiotic flow. Our form has the natural ability from deep within the gamma frequency where our visual displays are heightened within specific frequencies known as a ‘play in light’ a place where nature has always been manifesting itself within. It is the sharing, caring that is the difference in life that we all can thrive in when we open the heart and flow, flow, flow. Happy expanding! Budai Hub --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/simplyblooming/message
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