36 minutes | Mar 29, 2020

Becoming Supernatural Naturally

The latest terminology on yogic  flow is ‘supernatural’ over the eons different words, teachers, evolutionist and people generally have conveyed the same messages. We are a symphony of soundless to sound frequency vibrations that have the ability to simply create in any way. Yet so often we get caught up in a state of density even for those that experience samadhi, moksha, bliss that state of conscious awareness always seems to dissipate and so the quest starts again to achieve that state over and over again until it simply Is. Here we traverse only glimpses of what that is, ganesh touches on obstacles that rise up along the pathway, persistently consistent with a true intention to surrender limitations patterning, surrendering past hurts, slights, expressions that limit, letting go of the monkey mind patterning and sheep mentality that is more often than not fear based. But also acknowledging that it is a choice and that what ever your choice is it will always be simply that. Happy journeying. Lord Ganesh --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/simplyblooming/message
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