68 minutes | Mar 17th 2019

#9: The Power of Technical Skills in Fashion, with Brittany Hicks at #SXSW

Brittany Hicks shares her learnings from years of experience in supply chain management in the fashion and retail industry. She has a breadth of insights surrounding where the industry has room for improvement in business practices, planning, and inclusion. Brittany is the founder of Girls in Fashion and Tech (GiFT), the co-creator of the WOC #FashTech Brunch, co-founder of Slash Seattle, and the co-creator of the WTF?! Fashion Podcast (launching in March 2019), is an adjunct professor at Seattle Pacific University, in addition to her full-time position at Amazon in planning and operations on the Private Label Fashion team.

During the episode We reference the work of Kim Jenkins several times, explore Kim Jenkins’ research here: http://www.kimberlymjenkins.com/ 

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