31 minutes | Feb 26th 2020

BrumPod018: Brummies Networking's 5th Anniversary! Our Origins & Where We're Going. Plus, How Networking Has Changed With LinkedIn

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We're back from hiatus! In this episode we're going a bit self-reflective, talking about how Brummies Networking has recently turned 5yrs old! But as many will know, we've been going even longer than that, just under a different guise. 

We discuss how it all came about, the changes we've seen along the way, how networking attitudes have changed, how technologies have evolved for us to continue the networking far easier online, forging even closer relationships thanks to tools like LinkedIn; and how our group wouldn't be anything like it is now without our fantastic members.

We even give a shoutout to some of our members personally, using them as amazing examples of brilliant & effective networking in action! We've witnessed the birth of the Birmingham Sales Squad and how they've utilised business networking to ensure that customer service is at the forefront of everything. It really is a fantastic example of how effective networking and creating a positive supportive community can really benefit everyone, especially in the service industries. 

Are you mentioned? You'll have to listen to find out!

We also touch on some practicalities of networking and overall health. We're not trying to ring any alarm bells, but we do give a mention of Coronavirus and general illnesses that could affect how & when people should network, and if you're feeling ill (just generally), how it's better to NOT go networking. 

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