56 minutes | Jul 12, 2020

How do film and tv work in the COVID era? Cineworld, Cineplex, Castaway, Covid and President Kanye West?

In this episode of the Broken English Films podcast, Hugo and Bola discuss the Cineplex/Cineworld issues with the rescinded takeover by Cineworld of Cineplex (for billions) cancelled during COVID due to their excessive debt. Why that makes sense and why it doesn't, plus whether there is still value in cinemas during this current time. Also it's clear there are productions now underway and being prepped and planned. How do film and tv work in the COVID era? We also touch upon how the movie "Castaway" still stands the test of time being watched by Hugo for the first time in 2020. Plus the prospect of a President Kanye West, how "great" that might be and Adam Sandler in "Uncut Gems." Check out brokenenglishfilms.com and support the indie film company you're about to fall in love with, possibly... Maybe? @brokenenglish on Instagram and @brokenenglish on Twitter.
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