62 minutes | Jul 5, 2020

A discussion on race in film and the delaying/opening of movie theatres - The Broken English Podcast

Hugo and Bola debate the race question in movies and television in today's current climate. The removal of "Gone With The Wind" from streaming services, "30 Rock" and "Little Britain" having episodes or even the entire show retired and the retiring of Jenny Slate from "Big Mouth" portraying a young black girl and Mike Henry stepping down from his voice over role playing Cleveland Brown on "Family Guy" and the "Cleveland Show." The two also discuss "Tenet" and "Mulan" and the idea that studios and cinemas are trying to open up and bring audiences back to theatres while COVID-19 still hasn't fully left. We're easing into learning how to livestream our podcasts and broadcast the video versions remotely from one another. But we'll get there, we assure you. We hope. Or will. Um. Will. Check out brokenenglishfilms.com and support the indie film company you're about to fall in love with, possibly... Maybe? @brokenenglish on Instagram and @brokenenglish on Twitter.
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