107 minutes | Nov 21st 2020

What women are saying about dating with David Lea from Daring Deeply

In this episode we talk to David Lea from Daring Deeply and dive straight into an episode talking all about what women are saying around dating.  David's Bio David Lea is a leadership, life, and relationship coach leveraging his decades of expertise in relationships, wellness, and communication to serve and support high-achieving professional women and men in optimizing their purpose & passion in life and relationships.David is a native Mid-Westerner calling the Kansas City, Missouri area home. David is honoured to be the father of three amazing souls. David has passion for sports, fitness, the outdoors, travel, art, and music.David's LinksInstagram FaceBookWebsiteOur Courses  Recovering from Ground Zero CourseEssential 8 Finding Your WhyCoachingWildFit Coaching
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