125 minutes | Aug 1st 2020

# 25 - The Why Series with Nat Young

In this episode we talk to World Surf Champion Nat Young all about the journey of his life and get his perspective of various key points to live by.Nat's Bio World Surfing Champion - 1996 and 1970 Three Time Australian Surfing Champion - 1966, 1967 and 1960Four time Bells Beach ChampionNat's LinksInstagram Nat's BooksNat Young's Book of Surfing: The Fundamentals and Adventure of Board-RidingHistory of SurfingSurfing Australia's East CoastSurfing and Sailboard Guide to AustraliaNat's Nat and That's That: A Surfing LegendSurf RageChurch of the Open SkyOur Courses  Recovering from Ground Zero CourseEssential 8 Finding Your Why
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