7 minutes | May 31st 2015

The benefits of using Podtrac to track your Podcast's performance [Episode 9]

Getting your podcast set up right is vitally important. You don’t necessarily have to have the latest microphone or the fanciest mixing desk but if you can do just one thing from the outset, make sure that you link your podcast to iTunes through podtrac.com. Today’s Brilliant Content Idea is to use podtrac.com to track the stats on your Podcast Show. Podtrac will give you detailed information on your audience and help you build a case for show sponsors. **Highlights From Today's Show** -Podtrac enables you to gather an incredible amount of data on your podcast show. -You can see how many people have downloaded your show, how many people have subscribed to your show, where they come from, which shows are performing best and what the listening stats are over time, what browsers and devices your listeners are using to tune in to your show and you can even use podtrac’s survey function to get even more information on your listeners. -One of the primary reasons to gather stats on your show is so that you can make a case for potential sponsors who may be interested in advertising on your show. The information can also show you what your listeners are most interested in. You can start to pinpoint trends in your show data based on the style of episodes you feature. -There is a right way to do it and it is crucial that it is done before you submit your show to iTunes or Stitcher. -On Soundcloud you need to apply for your RSS feed. You must have at least one active show on your channel. You will probably need a pro account on Soundcloud to store your shows as there are limits on how much you can feature on the free version. -Soundcloud can be a little slow to approve podcast RSS feed applications but there is a work around. Simply join the Soundcloud forum, search for the term Podcast and create a thread asking the Podcasting fairies to approve your feed. -Once you have your feed, you can set up your Podtrac account. Go to Podtrac.com and fill out your publisher information. You can add more than one show so make sure that your publisher website is your primary domain. -Select Enhanced Feed and Podtrac will give you an Enhanced Feed link. You will use this link to submit your show to iTunes. Next, you go to iTunes to submit your feed. -If there are any issues, you may need to do some trouble shooting. One trick is, if your feed is working but not submitting, do a search for your podcast show by title on iTunes. Sometimes that magically reboots iTunes into action. -Once your podcast is approved for iTunes, Podtrac will start collecting stats on your show. Over To You If you need more help with getting set up on your Podcast, please do reach out. Helping business owners get their Podcasts up and running is just one of the many things we do at Brilliant Content. What are some of your brilliant content ideas, apps or plugins you've used? If you’d like to be featured on the show, catch me on Twitter @casmccullough and also, don’t forget to check out my other podcast show, Your Brilliant Un-Career. And, if you like the show, please do leave a review! Every review helps the show reach more listeners! http://bit.ly/ybucpodcast and http://bit.ly/brillcontent
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