32 minutes | Sep 16th 2020

BB152: How to Start Getting Your Confidence In Check featuring Melinda Van Fleet

How to Start Getting Your Confidence In Check
featuring Melinda Van Fleet

Melinda and Ryan Van Fleet lost their corporate jobs at the same time in 2009. Instead of focusing on their setback, they packed their belongings and headed to The Florida Keys to begin the second act they had envisioned.

Ryan Van Fleet built his successful fishing charter business Good Karma Sportfishing, podcast Good Karma Sportfishing Podcast, and thriving community, based on the values of persistence, confidence, collaboration, having fun, and catching big fish!

Melinda Van Fleet is a multi-passionate success coach who built her coaching, speaking, and writing on the values of helping others believe in themselves and take action. Melinda believes many women are stuck and unfulfilled their potential.

Together they make a powerful team helping empower individuals and couples to live their best lives. They strongly believe that if they can do it, you can do it too.

Upcoming Author, Melinda Van Fleet answered the following questions:

  • Your story is a big one for both you and your husband, ready to share?
  • What's one of your favorite quotes about confidence?
  • Why did you and Ryan choose to write about confidence?
  • Without giving all your secrets away, what is a tip you have for everyone to start building their confidence?

Want to learn more?

Ryan’s Free eBook shares fishing tips, some of Ryan's story which relates back to confidence. www.goodkarmasportfishing.com

Melinda’s Believe and Take Action - Free Daily Tips Guidewww.goodkarmasuccesscoach.com

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