41 minutes | Apr 13th 2020

BI 309: How One SaaS Startup is Leveraging Outbound to Steadily Attract Enterprise Clients

Are you on the marketing team at a SaaS company? Are you looking for proven methods to generate more booked calls with qualified prospects? Would you like to tap into the "hidden gold" that systematized email prospecting has to offer? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this interview is for you. On the show with me today is Geoff Atkinson; founder of Huckabuy; a 5 year old SaaS company that is working on revolutionizing the world of SEO.  In Geoff and I's discussion, you are going to hear him share the story of how they have strategically used cold email to land the lion's share of their new enterprise clients.  Listen now, and discover exactly how you can replicate their process. Questions I Asked Geoff: [00:38] What does your company do? [00:46] When did you start the company? [01:31] Why did you decided to start an SEO firm? [05:48] How are you attracted clients? [06:35] Tell me about your outreach program. [08:35] Have you raised money? [10:20] What are some of the more favorable terms that you got because you raised when you weren't desperate for cash? [14:28] How many clients have you landed? [15:28] How did you target your audience? [20:00] How valuable is display advertising? [21:30] What tools did you use for email? [22:20] How did you craft the messaging in the emails and on the website? [27:44] What was the CTA? [29:04] How many did you send per week? [29:50] Tell me about some mistake you made early on in your outreach? [33:30] What is your cost per booked call? [34:00] What is your booked call conversion rate? [35:21] When someone booked a call, what was the flow of that call? [37:04]Do you have a special offer that you'd like to make available to my audience? Resources Links can be found at https://brightideas.co/309/