10 minutes | Oct 29th 2018

Should You Master Your Own Music? | B-Sides

In this week’s B-SIDES episode, we’re talking about mastering: what IS audio mastering, and do you need to hire a professional to do it for you?



  • We discuss what audio mastering is, and why it’s important that your music is properly mastered
  • We talk about the pros of doing mastering yourself: with the main one being financial
  • We talk about the cons of doing mastering yourself, and why you would want to hire a mastering engineer
  • Marcio shares times where he masters tracks himself, and times where he would hire an engineer
  • “Mastering engineers should take an already great product and make it even better” - Marcio Novelli
  • We talk about DIY online mastering services, and the pros/cons of using services like these
  • "Online mastering services are not a substitute for human ear, skill or experience” - Ross Barber-Smith



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