12 minutes | Aug 6, 2018

Allison Iraheta: Halo Circus & American Idol | Interview

Joining us this week is Allison Iraheta out of Los Angeles -- lead singer of Halo Circus, former American Idol contestant, and backup singer for Rickey Minor’s house band on various TV shows. We had a great time chatting with Allison and learned more about her journey, the new Halo Circus record, and why it's so important to be a good person in the music industry.Highlights:Allison mentions enchiladas and then forgets everything else about herselfWe hear how American Idol did (or didn’t) prepare Allison for the real world of the music industryAllison talks about her gratitude for the opportunities she’s been offered throughout her careerWe talk about the importance of being a decent person in the music industry“Your job as a musician is to show up!” - Allison IrahetaAllison shares how the new Halo Circus sound was bornWe hear about the inspiration behind the latest Halo Circus album, Robots and WranglersGuest Links:Website: halocircus.comTwitter: @allisonirahetaInstagram: @halocircusSponsors:Social Surge See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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