70 minutes | May 26, 2020

043 - You never forget your first Brewdog disappointment

SUPPORT US: Patreon!Oh yes, it's a full strength podcast for you today (video and audio!)As we continue to adjust to the new normal, we have in this episode:Bars around the world are starting to cautiously reopen. Is it too soon?EFP3 (USA) got extended but not everyone was excited at the news.Hop drop is no more. Brewdog Now is here to stay!Ben and Doug are here with an AGM recap.15 stories in 15 minutes returnsJo tells an awful joke, Andrew rants a bit, Rob breaths too loudly and more!Get In Touch:Instagram: brewdognewspodcastEmail: studio@brewdognewspodcast.comWebsite: brewdognewspodcast.comTwitter: @brewdognewsFacebook: Brewdog News PodcastShow Voicemail: 01224 518501Rob: @sunscreem (Twitter)Ben: @bdantartica (Twitter)Doug: @douginpub (Twitter)Andrew: Andrew (EFP Forum)Joanne: awomansbrew (Instagram)Wattie: @wattiejwattieBrewdog: brewdog.comEquity Punks Forum: forum.brewdog.comFacebook Group: I Hardcore You BrewdogSubscribe:Google PodcastsiTunesSpotifyStitcherTune InWatch or Listen Now:SoundCloudYouTubeMP3 DownloadCredits:Guests: Andrew Watson, Joanne Love, Ben Moore & Doug JohnsonHosted By: Robert CooperThe podcast is written, produced and edited By: Robert CooperBrewdog hold all copyright for their name, images and products and their audio clips. Podcast content is copyright: 2020 Robert Cooper
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