120 minutes | Apr 20th 2021

Interview with Karel Schelfhout | Founder/Owner of Super Sativa Seed Club (SSSC)

On today's ep. of Breeders Syndicate the guys interview Karel Schelfhout, owner/founder of one of the very first seed banks in the world--the legendary Super Sativa Seed Club (SSSC).  Highlights of this epic discussion with Karel include the origin story of SSSC, the fate of Nevil Schoenmakers' original haze seeds, the benefits of breeding with Skunk #1, the honor of receiving 1 of only 10 legal cannabis permits from the Dutch government, his prized 35 year old cut of Skunk Haze, the origin story of iconic SSSC strains like Williams Wonder and Beatrix Choice, the historical significance of Holland's Durban Poison coffee shop, his take on modern cannabis strains like GSC, why he prefers Outback Haze over A5 Haze and C5 Haze, the differences between cannabis strain trademark law in Holland vs. USA, Positronics and the Mellow Yellow coffee shop, how he personally connected with Ed Rosenthal + Jorge Cervantes, why brown weed used to be considered superior to green weed (seriously!), the modern-day relaunch of Super Sativa Seed Club and so much more. Got a question for us? Call our voicemail: (833) ASK-RIOT.For merch, live events, and more visit breederssyndicate.comSubscribe to Breeders Syndicate on twitch: twitch.tv/breederssyndicateSubscribe to Breeders Syndicate on youtube.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/breederssyndicate)
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