95 minutes | Apr 7th 2021

How Cannabis Came To America, Why Dutch Breeding Matters, The Golden Age Of Weed & More!

On today's ep. of Breeders Syndicate, the guys discuss 2700 year old evidence of hash culture abroad, the origin story of American Cannabis, the ramifications of purposeful plant selection, the conversion of wild landrace strains into modern day polyhybrids, why indoor breeding is a product of prohibition, vital reading material from Robert Clarke, the golden age of cannabis, Hawg's Breath, G13 Hashplant, their favorite color (of weed), the hippy hashish trail, and so much more.Got a question for us? Call our voicemail: (833) ASK-RIOT.For merch, live events, and more visit breederssyndicate.comSubscribe to Breeders Syndicate on twitch: twitch.tv/breederssyndicateSubscribe to Breeders Syndicate on youtube.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/breederssyndicate)
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