14 minutes | Jul 10th 2019

E369: Practice The Right Way To Achieve Peak Performance With Gerald Leonard

Gerald Leonard offers a unique approach to accomplishing more productivity in the workplace. As an accomplished musician and TEDx Speaker; creativity, innovation, neuroscience and peak performance are part of his world. Gerald is a Certified Project Portfolio Management Consultant and a Conservatory Trained Classical and Jazz Bassist who has been reviewed by the New York Times and performed at Carnegie Hall. He is a member of the National Speaker Association, the author of "Culture is the Bass," and the soon to be released book "Workplace Jazz: How to I.M.P.R.O.V.I.S.E. - 9 Steps to a Successful Agile Project Team Transformation."


Quotes To Remember: 

"Keep lists of everything you need to take care of." "95% of our time is spent practicing." "Go back to that love of practicing." "It's about the enjoyment of practicing overall."     What You'll Learn:
  • How to use practice to rewire your brain
  • The bamboo tree metaphor that reveals how growth happens
  • Deliberate practice
  • Habits for success 


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