30 minutes | Oct 16, 2018

S1E9: Social Media's Content Waterfall

Social media promises the ability to consume an endless amount of content thanks to timelines, algorithms, and a whole host of other technological forces designed to keep us up-to-date, informed, and connected with everything going on in the world. There is more content uploaded each day than our minds can comprehend -just how much of this can we consume each day without experiencing any negative effects?Visit bio.link/digitalspell for links to episode manuscripts, social media accounts, and more! Keep the podcast ad-free by leaving a tip or becoming a supporter at buymeacoffee.com/digitalspell! Produced by Austin Gravley and Andrew Akins. Hosted by Austin Gravley. Mixing/music by Andrew Akins. Additional vocal talent from Melissa Gravley.Support the show (http://buymeacoffee.com/digitalspell)
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