22 minutes | Jan 11, 2021

Is it Okay to Laugh About Money? | Episode 109

Is it okay to laugh about money? Episode 109 Money and finances seem to stress everyone out. But what if you and your partner could have fun talking about finances? Matt Goren, Ph.D., financial planning professor and host of the award-winning podcast, Nothing Funny about Money, shares strategies on how to add humor and levity to your financial life and explains how doing so can help partners develop a better relationship with money and each other. This is the first episode of our Breaking Money Silence® on Couples and Money series. Show Notes: About Matt Goren, Ph.D. Nothing Funny about Money Cohosted shows: Nothing Funny about Money Episodes Episode 25: Weddings Episode 26: Honeymoons .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_content { background-color: #146a7d !important; } .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_container .et_bloom_form_header { background-color: #146a7d !important; } .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_content button { background-color: #f58023 !important; } .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_content .et_bloom_fields i { color: #f58023 !important; } .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_content .et_bloom_custom_field_radio i:before { background: #f58023 !important; } .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_content button { background-color: #f58023 !important; } .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_container h2, .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_container h2 span, .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_container h2 strong { font-family: "Open Sans", Helvetica, Arial, Lucida, sans-serif; }.et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_container p, .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_container p span, .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_container p strong, .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_container form input, .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_container form button span { font-family: "Open Sans", Helvetica, Arial, Lucida, sans-serif; } Submit your question for the Breaking Money Silence® Podcast! Submit Your question has been submitted! OTHER WAYS TO ENJOY THIS POST: Listen on Google Listen on Amazon Listen on Stitcher Subscribe on iTunes Listen on Spotify Join Breaking Money Silence on Facebook KBK Connection, Inc., is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com Recent Posts Encore – Will More Money Make Life Better? Encore – Are women of color one dimensional? Encore – Dear Mom and Dad, please don’t run out of money! Encore – Why Women Entrepreneurs Should Go Big! Encore – Is the Key to Happiness Achieving Work-Life Balance? Encore – Is There a High Financial Cost of Selling Your Company Stock? Encore – Are Millennials Smarter Than Their Parents When it Comes to Money?
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