36 minutes | Mar 13th 2018

Josh Steimle - Digital Marketing Strategies & Personal Branding Expert

Personal Branding and Digital Marketing: The must-have company tools for 2018!   If you don’t put it out there, someone else will! Do you have strong personal branding and digital marketing strategies? If you don’t then its time to listen up and get in the game!    Josh Steimle speaker, writer, CEO of MWI Digital Marketing, and founder of Influencer Inc. tells listeners exactly how to carve out their personal branding and explains why time is of the essence. Having worked in US, Australian, and Asian markets he has witnessed first hand the evolution of branding and digital marketing a few times over!    In episode 46 of the Digital Delusion, Josh offers simple but direct tips on how aspiring influencers can build their personal brand, how to get out of the preparation phase and into action, as well as the right approach you can take to get published in top-tier publications!      In this Episode!   Josh shares the evolution of digital marketing and how you can stand out in the clutter of today’s online world! You’ll learn about these exciting personal branding concept and key tips to catapult your business into action:  
  • Tips on getting lead flow in the North American market
  • How to get beyond short blogs and make long-form content work for you
  • How and why your company should branch out beyond blog posts
  • Step-by-step strategies to grow your personal brand
  • How to get from preparation to action before someone else beats you to it
  • How to get published in a top-tier publication
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