38 minutes | Feb 1st 2017

Gabriel Aluisy - Defining Luxurious Club Brands Online

Gabriel Aluisy is the founder of Shake Creative, a Tampa, Florida based branding and design agency focused on helping private clubs and luxury lifestyle brands build revenue & connect with consumers. He is the author of the bestselling book, Moving Targets: Creating Engaging Brands in an On-Demand World and the host of Private Club Radio.

In this episode of Breaking Digital, the self-proclaimed branding geek and luxury niche market advertiser, talks to us about some amazing branding aspects in advertising today and how to identify and really use “triggers”. He explores how to make an impact with different personas and groups and why it is important identify those groups in your basic branding. Gabe goes into detail on the 5 senses of advertising and how to “make sure that each and every sense is tying into your brand presence.” We also examine how businesses can grow into a millennial customer base who put more “emphasis on experiences than things” and why that affects the way you market to your targets. Gabe outlines how to keep your business thriving by communicating on the level of your consumers. If you are wondering what the biggest mistakes digital advertisers are making, then Gabe also has the answers for you as he discusses things to avoid and tells us which companies have the best online presence.

Gabe has designed and developed marketing campaigns and brand collateral for over 1,000 companies including national franchises and brands. His work has won international awards, but more importantly, has generated millions of dollars of revenue for his clients. Gabriel has been featured on NBC, iHeart Radio, in Entrepreneur® and other leading publications and is a graduate of American University’s School of Communication. In this podcast Gabe emphasizes “getting rich in the niche” and graciously offers listeners a way to redeem a gift from him.

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