31 minutes | May 30th 2019

Interview with Rafael Badziag

http://thebilliondollarsecret.comWhy is it that despite hard work some people aren’t where they want to be? Yet others manage to build huge organizations and create billions of dollars in value that an average person would need thousands of years to create? What is their secret? Is it just a question of lucky circumstances? Is it their environment? Maybe it is their education? What are the keys to their phenomenal success?In The Billion Dollar Secret: 20 Principles of Billionaire Wealth and Success best-selling author and top TED speaker Rafael Badziag explains what distinguishes the billionaire thought process and reveals the lessons anyone can learn to change their own lives. Based on in-depth interviews with some of the world’s best entrepreneurs, The Billion Dollar Secret teaches readers how to think like a billionaire and achieve amazing success. Badziag’s journey took him around the globe to personally interview some of today’s most successful entrepreneurs—all of them self-made billionaires. He spoke with people from all parts of the world, representing different nations, cultures, and religions, as well as from various industries, social backgrounds, and age groups.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices