57 minutes | Mar 16, 2017

Zombies or Zippers: Collaboration, Human Resources and Global Networks

1) Do people matter? To your effectiveness? To your efficiency? To your sales? To your collaborations? To your bottom-line? 2) why do they matter? Why do they matter to you? 3) are robots cheaper, more dependable, faster…? 4) Are Human Resources professionals useful…? 5) what is being done today to build better organizations, more creativity, cost reductions and business success? Do want Zombies/ robots/ messengers in your organization? Or Zippers; those that pull together people, ideas, efficiencies and products with agility and ease? With Amy Schabacker Dufrane, we explore what does a 21st-century HR organization look like? What other skills (apart from subject matter knowledge) do HR professionals need if they are to be successful (digital, analytics, business intelligence, etc.)? With Japman Bajaj, we consider telecommuting and teleworking. Many people have commented that such work styles greatly reduces the synergistic effects of face-to-face collaboration. And so much more.
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