58 minutes | Apr 20, 2017

One Yes, On Thing, One Dream

We are one. We are all interconnected in our spirit, our hearts, and our intelligence. We talk about spirit. We listen to the music of Miten. The more we learn to let go of our “hero story”, the greater we become. Our hero story is when we think we must be the great solo leader. Consider that all the expertise and experience we each have may not be enough to effectively and successfully deal with the great challenges we face today as individuals, families, organizations, professions and nations. Consider the collective wisdom that is possible from a circle of listening, speaking, understanding and co-creating solutions. Your circle or team will be most successful in solving significant challenges when you bring in others whose opinions and experiences are very different from yours. We can no longer afford “groupthink” or “yes men.” The stakes are high. Wisdom from Deva Premal, Miten, Charalee Graydon, Robert Stewart, Klara Fenlof and Quinn and Sara Amos. Now is the only time.
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