57 minutes | Nov 26, 2015

Now Lead

Show Theme is Now Lead is Step 9. This show features five great leaders from Canada and Spain; Don Simmons, Bruce McIntyre, James Armstrong, Charalee Graydon and David Milia. br Key Messages, today, include; 1) Leadership demands leadership at all levels, 2) Building your culture of collaboration is evolutionary, and 3) Leadership is a profound earned relationship not a status. br Now is our time to escape the tyranny of the communications and leadership barriers too often witnessed in our political, regulatory, media and special interest groups. Today is American Thanksgiving. Today, think about gratitude. Who are five people you are grateful for their leadership in your life? Call them and tell them soon. I am grateful to all that are listening and dedicating themselves to collaborative leadership. In my upcoming book Break Through to Yes, I set out 10 steps that are essential to successful collaboration.
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