57 minutes | Dec 17, 2015

Next Generation Leaders and Our Future

This Show Theme is Next Gen Leaders and Our Future. br This show features; br Kevin Brown, World Mediation, Madrid br Dan Savage, Infinity Ward, Los Angeles br India Sherret, World Junior Ski Cross Champion, Cranbrook br Sarah Daitch, Collaborative Global Initiative, The Hague br Music by Chuck Rose Win or Walk Away Highlights and challenges. br Key Messages, today, include; br 1) You have to make certain that every cog in the machine is working well together to move forward. br 2) Get involved in collaborative initiatives and teams across generations build the skills, understanding and opportunities. br 3) it takes a village to raise leaders. Be there in support of our next generations of leaders. That is plural, our next generations and our shared future need you. br I embrace and am very encouraged by the leaders in our next generation. Today we are focusing on three such leaders plus a man who builds necessary skills. br Call to Action; please, lead from love, not fear.
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