58 minutes | Dec 3, 2015

Make It So

In my upcoming book Break Through to Yes, I set out 10 steps that are essential to successful collaboration. This Show Theme is Make It So is Step 10. br This show features four great leaders with business connections across the planet; Prabha Sankaranarayan of Mediators Beyond Borders, Atul Tandon of the Tandon Institute, Johanne Lavoie of McKinsey and Company and Michael Hill, one of the world’s leading stroke and brain specialists. brbr Key Messages, today, include; 1) Examine and change the existing ways we do things to capitalize on the collaborative process, outcomes and the organization’s rules of engagement. 2) As a human being, if you are forced to collaborate or act, you do it without life energy, make collaboration yours, and 3) Collaboration is the highway where all people can be linked, honoured and served. brbr Make It So with assessment, accountability and continuous improvement.
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