58 minutes | Feb 9, 2017

Collaboration, Culture and Assessment

1) Mike Thompson, CEO of SVI, a talent development company on a mission to create irresistible companies and extraordinary people. 2) Dr. Stephen Hobbs, guides entrepreneurs and executives to design and realize extraordinary life and business legacy experiences for self and with others. Strong start: What do you feel when you think about your organization? Anticipation, frustration, delight, abandonment,…? Are you tired of things happening over and over? Today we explore organizational cultures and what makes them great or not. And we talk about the tools that Mike, Stephen and I offer to help your organization progress faster. My book isn’t called “How to pretend to collaborate and call a meeting.” Nor is my book called, how to encourage GroupThink. It is called Break Through to Yes: Unlocking the Possible within a Culture of Collaboration. A culture of collaboration. Collaboration is how we work together. How do we build diverse,courageous, agile, innovative and successful teams?
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