59 minutes | Feb 16, 2017

Collaboration, Company Dispute Resolution and Mindfulness

We explore Collaboration, Company Dispute Resolution plus Mindfulness. We talk with Julie Murray on Integral Coaching, mindfulness and slowing down. We investigate the offerings and techniques recommended by the Company to Company Dispute Resolution Council including the Dispute Resolution Continuum, the Costs of Conflict and the various conscious choices for Appropriate Dispute Resolution including the Situation Assessment Meeting (SAM). While organizational conflict management and mindfulness may not appear to offer common approaches, in this episode you will learn the very powerful common element that will reward you personally and professionally. We call you to; 1) Explore and identify the best dispute resolution option for you. 2) Engage in a Situation Assessment Meeting. 3) Look beyond the problem to find better outcomes for both parties 4) Pause. Reflect. Meditate. Let go of certainty. Let go of judgment. Let go of being right. Let the real you arise.
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