54 minutes | Feb 2, 2017

Collaboration and Sports

Success in sports always requires collaboration and collaboration over time. Our guests today, Martin Parnell and Tristen Chernove, share their experiences on our show today. Collaboration is a culture and the way we succeed over time. Collaboration is not a temporary event. Call to your future; Imagine yourself as a champion in 2020. You and your organization are celebrating a huge break through. Together, you have accomplished what no one had dreamed possible. You feel elated! Call to Action: 3 steps 1) What is the possible you dream of unlocking? 2) Who are 3 people that have the expertise to help you? 3) What will you do right now to start? We talk about sports, working together, 7 Summits, cycling, marathons, leadership, and collaboration. We experienced the championships and leadership of Martin Parnell and Tristen Chernove. In collaboration, we are looking to break out of “normal” and break through to fresh and exciting insights and possibilities. Let's be champions!
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