56 minutes | Jan 26, 2017

Collaboration and Leadership

Theme: Collaboration and Leadership Guests: Bob Acton, Obair Leadership David Mitchell, Bow Valley College Do you wonder whether you are going anywhere? Do you sometimes feel like you are doing the same thing over and over? Where is the exploration in your life? Is leadership repeating the same over and over or is leadership innovation through collaboration? We talk about sports, vision, performance, leadership, convening and collaboration. With Bob Acton, we explore collaboration and peak Performance. With David Mitchell, we investigate convening and dialogue. In collaboration, we are looking to break out of “normal” and break through to fresh and exciting insights and possibilities. Questions; 1) What is the possible you dream of unlocking? 2) Who are 3 people that have the expertise to help you? 3) What will you do right now to start? Now let’s work together better! This is the first in our 2017 series of Break Through To Yes with Collaboration.
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