58 minutes | Feb 23, 2017

Collaboration and Critical Thinking in This Age of Lies

Lies, alternate facts, fake news, goldfish, can’t discern news, advertising, social media, tar sands, Hollywood stars, Hemisphere, SLO nukes, teaching, Standing Rock, blameing, anger, fear, barriers to communication ... Today, we explore and delve deeper into all these issues. Why it is more difficult to collaborate, or even dialogue, these days. Why does it seem increasingly difficult to get disparate groups of people to work together? Whether politically, economically, environmentally or socially, the conversations are increasingly acrimonious, accusatory and less truthful. What is “truth” and how do we talk to one another in these polarized conversations? What are the techniques and skills needed most today? How are successful collaborations designed? What can help us today? Do we really have a shorter attention span than goldfish? What is Critical Thinking? What resources are available to help us understand one another? We listen to Win, Win, Win or Walk Away. Join our talk.
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