59 minutes | Nov 19, 2015

Collaborate with Vision

This show features; Dana Meise, The Man that hiked 25,000 kms, British Columbia Dee Ann Turner, It’s My Pleasure author, Georgia Teresa de Grosbois, Mass Influence author, Alberta Doreen Liberto Blanck, Collaborative Global Initiative, California Key Messages, today, include; 1) Your dreams will inspire others and you, 2) Collaboration is a key part of your successful organizational culture, and 3) How you are in relationship with others defines your future success. Leadership can connect your people within your organization as well as across the world in ways that have not been possible until now. Leadership is, also, about connecting with self. Are you in alignment with your values in your actions and communications? What values does a collaborative leader hold? Are you in coherence between your head and your heart? Do you lead from your heart and your whole intelligence? Do you see your purpose as getting the right things done that serve the whole?
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