44 minutes | Dec 1st 2020

Pricing Strategies Through a Lens of Justice With Kate Strathmann

What kinds of changes are you thinking about for next year?

Are you making a pivot? Focusing on taking a break? Diving deep into improving at your craft? Maybe you're thinking about raising your prices?

One of the changes that you might be considering is a shift in your business model, or how you package your services—or even how you price them.

The decision about how to price, package, or accept payment for your services can be a bit of a challenge, especially in a service business where the choices are limitless. Those decisions say a lot about your business: who you want to work with, how you want to engage with them, and what your values as a company are.

The strategies and psychology behind pricing your services can affect the behavior of your potential clients. It can serve as a filter to make sure you're bringing in the RIGHT clients or customers. Low prices aren't going to attract enterprise clients. Likewise, super high prices are going to be a barrier to entry for small businesses or individuals looking to work with you.

You can use your pricing to create exclusivity—BUT, you can also use your pricing to create access and to start moving towards using your business to create more social and economic justice.

My guest today is Kate Strathmann.

Kate is the owner and director of Wanderwell, a consulting and bookkeeping practice that grows thriving small businesses while investigating new models for being in business. Wanderwell integrates financial expertise with an empathic, vision-forward approach, and leads with the belief that businesses can help create a new paradigm that centers people, community, and the environment.

Kate spends a lot of time exploring new techniques and strategies to create more equitable businesses and works with business owners to start thinking about how to implement them in their own business.

Listen to the full episode to hear:
  • The different pricing strategies you might consider using, like sliding scale or pay what you wish pricing models
  • When these strategies make sense, and when a different strategy might be a better option
  • Some of the pitfalls that Kate's seen come up as folks start to implement some of these strategies (and how to avoid them)
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