49 minutes | Nov 17th 2020

Managing Through The Worst Case Scenario with Lauren Caselli

What happens when the worst-case scenario becomes reality? Every business owner I know has that nightmare that runs through the back of their head...

What if it all just stops?

What if no one needs my services and suddenly no one needs what I'm selling?

What do I do then?

For a lot of business owners, this has been the year where they had to figure out what the answer to those questions was.

How do you manage that change? Do you shut down? Do you pivot?

When everything stops, how do you decide what to do next? How do you actually get through that and lead your business through change? Or make the decision to actually close?

Today, I'm talking to Lauren Caselli. Lauren was on the show back in March in Episode 25. I talked to her about cash flow planning in a crisis right as the shutdown was really starting to take effect and Lauren's event planning business was heavily affected.

Lauren's been through a MASSIVE change this year, so I wanted to bring her back on the show to talk about how she's been managing the impact on her business.

Lauren Caselli helps womxn and gender non-binary folx get paid like the expert that they are. Lauren used to run an event planning business for tech, and after her best year ever in 2019, was ready to give 2020 a run for its money. Sadly, the opposite happened, but out of breakdowns come breakthroughs.

She is the founder of the Boss Lady Bash, a now laid-to-rest community of female entrepreneurs in Montana, and is working on launching The Money Club that helps womxn make strategic choices with the well-earned money that they're making.

Listen to the full episode to hear:
  • How Lauren’s cash flow management skills gave her the time she needed to make strategic decisions instead of reacting out of panic
  • Making a HUGE pivot in your business and how to stay resilient
  • Processing grief as a business skill
  • An update on what Lauren decided to do about her business this year 
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