41 minutes | Sep 3rd 2020

How Do You Decide WHAT to Invest In? with Beryl Young

When you're deciding what to invest in, examining the opportunity cost of your potential investments is a crucial part of the decision making process.

Every option includes a cost associated with it because any opportunity requires an investment of time, money, or resources—or all of the above!

And if we invest them in one initiative?

Then they're not available for other opportunities.

We all have a process we go through when we're thinking through new investments in our business. Whether you're conscious of your process or not... it's there.

In the last episode, you heard from Michelle Mazur about how she thinks about investments—that 3-6 month minimum investment. Today, we’re continuing the conversation about making investments in your business with Beryl Young.

Beryl is the founder & CEO of Momtography and Teentography, about how she decides what to invest in for her business. As a former elementary school teacher, Beryl's true calling is in education. Through a range of curriculum and programs for ANY type of skill level or camera, Momtography and Teentography is on a mission to show families how to unlock their creative potential and find a bit of joy in each and every day.

Listen to the full episode to hear:
  • How Beryl decides what to invest in—or not—for her business
  • The opportunity cost of the investments Beryl’s made over the years
  • The 3 main buckets where Beryl invested her resources and the outcome of each
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